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      ThemeVan SupportThemeVan Support

      Thanks for purchased our premium item(Themes), we really appreciate your support! we will assist you with any using troubles & bugs, however, before you buy our theme or going to ask a question to us, we hope you read support policy below first.

      We’re willing to provide the technique support for our premium item buyers, help you to fix issues, we think it’s the embodiment of value of a excellent product, however, we have to spend much times to reply many questions meanwhile, so it’s hard to provide any customizations service or fix some issues about the third-party plugins, If you need help with customizations of your theme, we suggest you to look for some freelance WordPress developers who are available for customization work. Thanks for your understanding!

      Before you ask question
      Please be sure that you have read the documentation which came packaged with your download. Mostly, we have introduced a lot of basic knowledges for the green hand to getting started. You can also try to search the forum topics first before you asking, because someone might has been already asked the same question.

      Outside the support service
      If any issues is caused by your custom work(custom CSS, JS, PHP codes), it’s outside the support service. Then, you can consider to get our paid support.

      Support time
      We usually online at 10:00 am – 16:00 pm (GMT+8) every day. Please be patient after you asked questions, we will quickly reply you as soon as possible, however, if we can’t reply you timely for some unpredicatable reasons, hope you can understand and don’t worry, we will surely reply you!

      Well, thanks for your reading, hope you enjoy in our products!

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      I’m trying to use the SimpleKey theme and I just need to know how to change the word ‘SIMPLEKEY’ which just sits annoyingly on the top left of the navbar. There doesnt seem to be anyway of being able to change it to the name of my site or removing it altogether. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
      Thank you

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      ThemeVan SupportThemeVan Support


      That’s a LOGO picture, so that you should make your own LOGO first with Photoshop, and upload new LOGO via “Simplekey options > General settings”.

      By the way, if you have any questions about simplekey, please submit it to SimpleKey Forum.


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      Hi BadJohnny – What if you used a Web designer who bought and used your theme – but you don’t have the Envato License? I no longer use this designer and don’t want to ask him for the license.



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      ThemeVan SupportThemeVan Support

      Hi @dharmabuilt

      The only two ways to get the support service as below.

      1. Ask the designers to give you license (purchase code), because the support forum required. (Unfortunately, you don’t want to ask him).
      2. Purchase regular license once again by yourself.

      Strictly, if the designer used his/her own email, paypal, envato account to purchased this theme, in fact, it means he/she is the buyer, not you.

      Hope you can understand.

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      ThemeVan SupportThemeVan Support

      Hi @Malathi

      Please post your question in OldCar forum, it may need you to verify your purchase code, after you do that, we will know you are a real buyer and provide you the support service.

      Thank you!

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      ThemeVan SupportThemeVan Support

      Hi, lecuervo

      Which theme you purchased, please submit your question in the theme forum, for example, Simplekey forum, OldCar forum or Samsara forum.
      I will answer you detailed.


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      Hi There,

      I posted an issue in the DG works forum over two days ago regarding my inability to use an external video as the product preview.

      Could someone please take a look and come back to me?



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      Hello, this weird thing appears on homepage. I did try to take off on elementor and dont allow me. How i can take off ?


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      Hi. I purchased your theme for a client and she loves it. She did have 1 request, which I’m not sure is possible or not:
      At the end of the book, instead of going back to the Front Cover, is there a way to show a back cover? (Like you completed the book) And then you can flip through the book in the opposite direction?
      I tried searching the forum, but couldn’t find an answer on this.

      Any helpful info would be greatly appreciated.


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      Just bought and installed the theme. Received this code from Easy Digital:
      Plugin could not be activated because it triggered a fatal error.

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      In Old Car theme, page search is not working.

      But it retrieves the data from post.Post is working fine.

      If we search the text in search form,it retrieves the text only from the post.But not retrieves the data from the WordPress pages.

      I need to retrieve the text from the WordPress pages.

      Please any one help me,

      Thanks in advance.

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      Regards. this is my first approach to word press and I picked (and bought) your theme, which I liked over all of it.
      I just can’t find the dummy file within the entire package, can you tell me please how to locate it? I want my website exactly like your demo appears, so as far as I understood on your documentation, the way to work is downloading the dummy file.
      Can sound very primitive as a question, but hey.. nobody has born with all the knowledge already…excepting some prophets.
      thanks a lot

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