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      I just wanted to start a simple blog and I am having a few issues. The date on the home page next to the blog posts just reads “9 JUNE” even though the date of the blog is today. It says it next to every post. please look I went through all the options multiple time, and I even looked at the html to see where it was located and I cant figure it out. How do I change that?? Also, the photos do not load when they are clicked. The thumbnails are there but the image will not load when clicked. Also, I expanded the size of the thumbnails in the settings tab and it still is the same size on the webpage. Can you help with this?? Other than that its all good.


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      ThemeVan SupportThemeVan Support


      1. Oh, it’s a big mistake, I will send you the new version of this theme, please leave me your email with private reply. I will also update this theme for mojo marketplace and creative market.

      2. Because you need to set the featured image for the post, then when you click the thumbnail, it will go to the detail page, the featured image will display on the top of the post, or it will only automatically get the first image which is in the post content and show it on the archive page.

      3. If you changed the size of image, you need to install “regenerate thumbnail” plugin and regenerate the thumbnails.


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      ThemeVan SupportThemeVan Support

      By the way, if you purchased the theme on Mojo or Creative Market, you can send me private message on those site directly. Because this forum is only for the envato users.


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